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The Retreat!!!

(k)nestled up and knitting

Reservation is made at the Poplar  Stream Falls Hut of Maine Huts and Trail:  http://www.mainehuts.org/poplar-stream-falls-hut/, for Saturday, October 20, 2012!!   Happyknits first knitting retreat!! The trail heading into the Poplar Hut is about 2(ish) miles.  It is a beautiful walk that is somewhat hilly, and exciting, along the stream at times, and by the Falls.  It is a fairly simple hike but is definitely a good workout!  (There is an option of getting a shuttle in to the Hut for those eager to nestle in and knit but are not comfortable with the hike).  This is a plush backcountry experience.  The Hut is off grid with very little environmental impact, the bedding is a bunkhouse providing a basic mattresses and pillow, but 2 fantastic homecooked meals are provided, as well as flushable composting toilets and coin operated showers, and good drinkable well water. There is a comfortable sitting area and screened in porch…perfect for knitting.

The plan is to have no plan for getting in to the hut, other than getting there by about 5pm, dinner is at 6pm.  It would of course be great to coordinate a time to meet and hike in as a group, but it’s also fine to do your own thing, make your own time and meet up at the hut.  After dinner, we will have a Yarn Tasting…wine and beer are for sale at MH&T, fyi :)   For those of you unfamiliar with a Yarn Tasting, here’s the deal:  each person will get to choose mini skeins from a variety of yarns to sample.  It will be arranged that you will have enough yarn of mixed fibers to do a small project, or you may want to do your own creative thing, use them up in several different projects, make a yarn bomb for you home, etc.  And you may decide to just stash your yarn tasting samples, and just taste wine and beer!! :)

In the morning, we will just knit together, or crochet of course.  Breakfast is a 7am, and then we are free to do as we wish, knit for a while, bomb the hut or surrounding area with knitted beauties, sing songs…hahahaha…wouldn’t that just be fairytale style?  someone bring a guitar, or a kazoo…hahaha! After that, you may spend the day at the Hut, do some hiking on other trails, or just make your way out of the woods.  A bag lunch is available as well, but we would have to give them advanced notice on that I think.

So logistics…the date as I mentioned is October 20, 2012 which is a Saturday, and of course overnight, returning on Sunday, the 21st.  I need at least 10 ppl.  We can arrange a meet up time amongst ourselves once we have a group together.  The deadline to register for this is by Saturday, September 29th, and you can do this by sending me an e-mail or stopping in but I will need payment in order to reserve a spot.  The fee is $110.

I like this…knitted landscape, or organic knitting :)   I’ll scrounge up some patterns…

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