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Full Moon will make you crazy…

Don’t you just love the Full Moon? I love how it gives everyone a reason to get all crazy? I love how it’s always a good explanation for getting all crazy.  “It musta been the Full Moon.”  Run naked through the snowy fields? “It musta been the Full Moon.”  Stay awake all night, playing hide and seek in the moonlit woods?  ”It musta been the Full Moon.”   Buy luxurious yarn you may not necessarily need simply because it’s on SALE at your local yarn store.  All you have to say is, “It musta been the Full Moon”. ;)   Everybody understands…

Starting Saturday, February 11, (Full Moon), through Saturday, February 18th, we are celebrating and embracing your desire to get crazy by marking down ALL Juniper Moon Farms yarns in the store by 15%! We have several, lovely options for you.  Juniper Moon Herriot Great is 113 yards of pure extrafine baby alpace.  It knits/crochets up on a size 8-10 needle or a K crochet hook.  Then we have Moonshine and Moonshine Chunky. Moonshine (&Chunky) is a blend of alpaca, wool, and silk.  Moonshine works up on a 7-9 needle or an I crochet hook, and Chunky…a US 9-11 knitting needle or a K crochet hook.  Tenzig, 85% extrafine merino, and 15% yak (!) is a DK yarn that works up on a size 3-4 knitting needle and E, F crochet hook.  And lastly, but my personal favorite is Herriot Fine.  Herriot Fine is 461 yards of Alpaca with a little nylon for strength.  It’s a fingering weight and it likes a knitting needle of size 0-3, and a crochet hook B-E.  I’m dying to use this for something…maybe lacey Spring socks!

This yarn is beautiful and the company also has amazing pattern support. Come in and feel up this yarn. Treat yourself.
Here is a link to their website: https://knittingfever.com/brand/juniper-moon-farm


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