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Immediate happyknits

Sweater Class w/ Sherri

Sweet Warm Body And Soul Cardigan

Simple Sweater

Knit this autumn days cardigan in 5 weeks! Must know knit and purl stitches, casting on. Will learn basic sizing, swatching for gauge, seaming techniques, fitted sleeves, picking up stitches, simple buttonholes. Please bring various needle sizes to 1st class for swatching—sizes 6, 7, and 8. Sweater will require between 880-1100 yds worsted weight yarn depending on size sweater. Bring a favorite well fitting sweater to the 1stclass. Classes will start Fri, Nov 9, 3:15-4:30, $50. Bring a friend for ½ price! Class dates: Nov 9th, 16th, 30th, Dec 7th and 14th.

Beginner Knitting 101

knitting class

Curriculum & Materials for Beginner Knitting 101 (3 weeks)

Class Objectives:
Learn basic knitting techniques. Make simple projects to practice techniques.
Materials Needed:
Materials needed for each lesson are listed below. Students should bring the required materials to each class.
Lesson Plans:
Week 1
Discussion of materials list for all classes. Discussion of needle sizes, stitch sizes & types of yarn (weight, texture), labels, patterns, gauge. Discussion of American style knitting vs. Continental style. Learn slip knots, casting-on, knit stitch, joining new ball of yarn. Practice knit stitch and Garter stitch.  Begin knit-stitch/Garter stitch scarf. Discuss materials needed for Week 2.
Materials Needed: #10, 14” Knitting needles (your choice of metal, wood or
plastic), 2 skeins worsted-weight
Homework: Finish knitting Garter stitch scarf or swatch.
Week 2
Learn casting-off and finishing. Learn fringe application & knotting. Learn purl stitch & stockinette stitch. Discuss mistakes:  dropped stitch, added stitches, inconsistent stitches, etc. Practice purl stitch. Begin stockinette-stitch scarf or add stockinette stitch to work in progress.
Materials Needed: Metal yarn needle, #H or #I crochet hook , scissors , #10, 14” knitting needles, 2 skeins worsted weight yarn,
cardboard for making fringe (supplied by teacher).
Homework: Finish stockinette-stitch scarf or swatch.
Week 3
Learn how to read stitch patterns. Learn basic patterns:  ribbing, checkerboard, basket weave, ladder stitch, moss and others. Practice following pattern stitch instructions. Begin pattern stitch sampler or pattern stitch sampler scarf. Learn about blocking. Discuss upcoming Project class.
Materials Needed: #10, 14” knitting needle, 1-2 skeins worsted weight yarn.
Homework: Start something new!
This 3 week class will runon Thursdays, the first 3 weeks of every month.  The first session will run Thursdays, October 4th, 11th, and 18th from 5:30-7:30pm, and the fee is $30.

Mystery Shawl Class w/ Heather


Malabrigo Silky Merino

Mystery, Color, Texture, and Lace …

Do you only know how to knit and purl? Are you an experienced knitter?
Both beginner and experienced knitters will enjoy this class.
Explore the construction of a triangle shawl; learn new textures and techniques or simply enjoy the mystery of the unknown.
This shawl will be taught in four classes. Each week will reveal a new texture and the skills to create it. The end result, a beautiful shawl to wrap up in for the frosty days and nights to come.
We’ll be using Malabrigo Silky Merino
The class with the yarn kit included will be $65.00
The class will run on 4 consecutive saturdays starting September 29th from 10am -12pm.
For the class alone the cost is $40.00 and space is limited to 5 ppl.
For early birds who pre-pay by the 28th, there is a 10% discount.

Entrelac Class w/ Amanda

Entrelac Pocket Scarf (w/ pockets) Class

This class is designed to get knitters a head start on winter gear and gifts, not to mention hopefully teaching a few new tricks along the way. Entrelac is a unique form of knitting where the finished piece appears woven. It is not as difficult as it looks! This class will teach the most basic form of this pattern and will finish it off with a scarf as a completed project. Each entrelac panel will form a pocket at the ends of the scarf for hands, keys, cell phones, etc!

This course will be offered on Friday September 14th from 2-4pm. Must know how to knit and purl. Materials needed include approximately 100g/125yards each of 2 different bulky weight yarn colors, size 11 needles and a yarn needle.

This class includes the free pattern…Fee is $20. Kits including yarn may be optional for an additional fee.

If interested, please email Amanda at amanda.bisol@gmail.com or let Julie know at the store (474-7979).


The Retreat!!!

(k)nestled up and knitting

Reservation is made at the Poplar  Stream Falls Hut of Maine Huts and Trail:  http://www.mainehuts.org/poplar-stream-falls-hut/, for Saturday, October 20, 2012!!   Happyknits first knitting retreat!! The trail heading into the Poplar Hut is about 2(ish) miles.  It is a beautiful walk that is somewhat hilly, and exciting, along the stream at times, and by the Falls.  It is a fairly simple hike but is definitely a good workout!  (There is an option of getting a shuttle in to the Hut for those eager to nestle in and knit but are not comfortable with the hike).  This is a plush backcountry experience.  The Hut is off grid with very little environmental impact, the bedding is a bunkhouse providing a basic mattresses and pillow, but 2 fantastic homecooked meals are provided, as well as flushable composting toilets and coin operated showers, and good drinkable well water. There is a comfortable sitting area and screened in porch…perfect for knitting.

The plan is to have no plan for getting in to the hut, other than getting there by about 5pm, dinner is at 6pm.  It would of course be great to coordinate a time to meet and hike in as a group, but it’s also fine to do your own thing, make your own time and meet up at the hut.  After dinner, we will have a Yarn Tasting…wine and beer are for sale at MH&T, fyi :)   For those of you unfamiliar with a Yarn Tasting, here’s the deal:  each person will get to choose mini skeins from a variety of yarns to sample.  It will be arranged that you will have enough yarn of mixed fibers to do a small project, or you may want to do your own creative thing, use them up in several different projects, make a yarn bomb for you home, etc.  And you may decide to just stash your yarn tasting samples, and just taste wine and beer!! :)

In the morning, we will just knit together, or crochet of course.  Breakfast is a 7am, and then we are free to do as we wish, knit for a while, bomb the hut or surrounding area with knitted beauties, sing songs…hahahaha…wouldn’t that just be fairytale style?  someone bring a guitar, or a kazoo…hahaha! After that, you may spend the day at the Hut, do some hiking on other trails, or just make your way out of the woods.  A bag lunch is available as well, but we would have to give them advanced notice on that I think.

So logistics…the date as I mentioned is October 20, 2012 which is a Saturday, and of course overnight, returning on Sunday, the 21st.  I need at least 10 ppl.  We can arrange a meet up time amongst ourselves once we have a group together.  The deadline to register for this is by Saturday, September 29th, and you can do this by sending me an e-mail or stopping in but I will need payment in order to reserve a spot.  The fee is $110.

I like this…knitted landscape, or organic knitting :)   I’ll scrounge up some patterns…

A Class! Socks 101 w/ Sharon

Training Sock- JULY 27th, Saturday, 10am-1pm w/ Sharon, $20

In this class you will work on standard worsted weight yarn, and sz 7 double pointed needles to create a mini sock that will teach you the principles of sock knitting in one class.  You will learn to cast on double pointed needles (dpn), and work in the round for a small cuff and then immediately attack the heel, and master it before sliding on down to the very simple finish at the toe.  If you have experience on dpn’s you will probably be able to complete a pair of mini socks and feel even more comfortable with the sock process before you leave.  The class will be held right at Happyknits.  You may bring your own materials or purchase them here for 10% off.  You will need a small amount of worsted weight yarn, even scraps, and sz 7 dpn.  Use the mini sock later to decorate your Christmas tree!  Use your funkiest colors!! Call or e-mail Happyknits (474-7979 or peacelovehappyknits@gmail.com) to register or e-mail Sharon (SharonV2@roadrunner.com).  Thanks!  Time to start thinking about starting those Christmas gifts, and who doesn’t love a pair of handknit socks? huh…who? :)

Yarn Bombers…UNITE!!


hitting up skowvegas

Who’s feeling like a little knitting action in the streets?  I am thinking of going out next Wednesday Night after Knit Night if anyone else is interested…sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Come on in for Knit Night and prepare something or prepare something fantastic at home and come along for the walk.  I figure on hitting the streets around 7:30pm if the time seems right.  Rain or Shine!  Also, I would like to plan a big hit……..let’s put a squad together!

the girl with the purls

yarn makes me look good

Hello Everyone,

It has been brought to my attention that people like to have a face to put to words when reading blogs.  As much as it pains me to have my face spread across your computer, I believe that it is a nice thing to add to my website.  I have noticed that I also appreciate knowing who I am talking to (in a sense) when browsing websites,  hearing a voice.  So here it is…I figure that even if the picture of my face isn’t all that appealing, at least the background is :)


Knit’s a DATE!!!

Hello Everybody :)

You may notice there is a new category on the Happyknits website.  It is a new Calendar page!!!  It’s very exciting to me…I like these kind of things.  It looks pretty empty right now because it has just been activated and I have just learned how to update it, but this week I will be working on filling that in so you can just click on the Calendar link and have a month’s worth of Yarn Mania right in front of your cute little eyes!  Be sure to check often because things will be added as I untangle my brain (which is never fully achieved).   Also, watch for details on the COLORS of SPRING SALE that will begin as soon as I finish working out the details, but it will hopefully inspire you all to start some multi-colored bliss knits to encourage the Universe to start providing that weather that brings May Flowers…except not so much rain, and more sun :)   Let’s try it and see what happens…a collective effort.  The basic idea will be that every additional color yarn you purchase of the same brand (I’m thinking Cascade), the percentage of money you will save will keep increasing.  I will hopefully have this worked out today and will blog/e-mail it asap.  Thanks for reading…Have a fantastic day!!

Peace, Love, Happy Mitts…a 2 wk Colorwork Class w/ Heather

Heather will be starting a 2 week colorwork class that will run from 10:30am-12:30pm starting next Saturday, March 31st if full, otherwise, the following two weekends, starting April 7th.  This is is a first glance at this project.  More details on this will follow soon.  These are colorwork fingerless mitts in Cascade 220 Fingering for nice lightweight spring comfort.   This is Heather’s Design and she is calling them Peace, Love, Happy Mitts :) The fee for this 2 week class is $25 and we can take 5 ppl max.  Stop in, call, or e-mail if interested in this class.  The sooner we can fill, the sooner we can start.