Welcome to happyknits, a yarn store and commuknity, located in the old jail/new Somerset Gristmill in downtown Skowhegan. happyknits offers gorgeous yarns, funky knitting accessories, and occasional insaknity...

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Yarn Bombers…UNITE!!


hitting up skowvegas

Who’s feeling like a little knitting action in the streets?  I am thinking of going out next Wednesday Night after Knit Night if anyone else is interested…sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Come on in for Knit Night and prepare something or prepare something fantastic at home and come along for the walk.  I figure on hitting the streets around 7:30pm if the time seems right.  Rain or Shine!  Also, I would like to plan a big hit……..let’s put a squad together!

the girl with the purls

yarn makes me look good

Hello Everyone,

It has been brought to my attention that people like to have a face to put to words when reading blogs.  As much as it pains me to have my face spread across your computer, I believe that it is a nice thing to add to my website.  I have noticed that I also appreciate knowing who I am talking to (in a sense) when browsing websites,  hearing a voice.  So here it is…I figure that even if the picture of my face isn’t all that appealing, at least the background is :)


Knit’s a DATE!!!

Hello Everybody :)

You may notice there is a new category on the Happyknits website.  It is a new Calendar page!!!  It’s very exciting to me…I like these kind of things.  It looks pretty empty right now because it has just been activated and I have just learned how to update it, but this week I will be working on filling that in so you can just click on the Calendar link and have a month’s worth of Yarn Mania right in front of your cute little eyes!  Be sure to check often because things will be added as I untangle my brain (which is never fully achieved).   Also, watch for details on the COLORS of SPRING SALE that will begin as soon as I finish working out the details, but it will hopefully inspire you all to start some multi-colored bliss knits to encourage the Universe to start providing that weather that brings May Flowers…except not so much rain, and more sun :)   Let’s try it and see what happens…a collective effort.  The basic idea will be that every additional color yarn you purchase of the same brand (I’m thinking Cascade), the percentage of money you will save will keep increasing.  I will hopefully have this worked out today and will blog/e-mail it asap.  Thanks for reading…Have a fantastic day!!

Spring/Summer hours at Happyknits

Hello Everyone!  As most people know, Knitting season is considerably slower in the Spring and Summer.  Because of this and because being a Mom/Wife is my #1 Job, despite how fortunate I feel to be a LYS owner, Happyknits will be open only 4 days/week starting April 3rd.  The store hours will be the same as they are now, minus Thursday.  So, Tuesday, Friday will still be open 9:30am-5:30pm, Wednesdays will be open 11:30am-7:30pm, and Saturdays will remain open 9:30am-3:30pm.  The hope is that, the extra day off will give me more time to plan events/classes for the summer, as well as spend some quality time with my family and keep me from burning out.  Watch for more regular Yarn Bombing Get-Togethers, Summer Camp for Kids, Coffee and Crochet, FREE Classes and RCS’ (Random Crafty Sundays).  Wednesday Night Knit Night, and Friday Morning Relax and Knit will remain the same,  and as long as people keep wanting to come to Thursday Night Knitiots, we will make that happen as well.   Also look for a new addition to my website, The Happyknits Calendar.  New Yarns will be trickling in over the next few months so stop in and check often.  Flash Mobs are always likely to occur as well, so “like” Happyknits on Facebook or check the Facebook block on my website for those fun little random gigs.  Oh…and BIG NEWS…Happyknits is getting Air Conditioning this Summer, so it won’t just be a cool place to hang out, now it will also be a chill place to hang out on those HOT summer days!! Woo Hoo!! So please take note of the new hours, I will post a sign on the door and send out a reminder e-mail, as well as a reminder here and FB.  Thanks Everybody! Have a lovely weekend and I hope to see you all this Spring and Summer!  It’s coming soon :) !!

what’s up at Happyknits in March???

taming the lion

It seems as though March is thinking about coming in like a lion, so to make sure it goes out the way it should, I am putting together a couple fun activities to help it along.

Firststarting this Friday morning (3/2), and every Friday morning thereafter (or at least until school lets out) I would love to get a group together from 9:30am to 11:30am to have a nice relaxing, free, knit/crochet group who would also enjoy listening to books on audio, maybe some soft relaxing music, or poetry, maybe podcasts from an inspirational speaker, that kind of thing.  There will be coffee and tea available, and no kids bouncing off the couch…that’s been known to happen here…

Second:  We have just finished up Tuesday’s class with Sherri and Saturday’s Lace Class with Heather, and both are willing to start something new.  I will post more about those ideas separately.  Also, don’t forget about Entry to Entrelac with Amanda, which if we can fill will run on the next couple Saturday afternoons (3/3 and 3/10). Please refer to the post about Entrelac for more info on that awesome class.  Thursday nights is always fun with a great group of “Knitiots”…wouldn’t you want to be a  Knitiot too??  Come learn to knit and get started on a project any Thursday for only $5/night, 5:30-7:30pm.

Third:  I am thinking it is time for an FN Knit Night on March 16th…I can’t say what will happen that night for sure but if you are thinking of attending I would recommend maybe knitting up a fancy little swatch or two just for funsies ;) sshhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Fourth and Lastly (for now):  The following Friday (3/23) will be another FN Knit Night and will be in celebration of Maine Maple Week.  There will be lots of Maple tastings and things happening in downtown Skowhegan, and here at Happyknits I am thinking that along with that a “Yarn Tasting” would be nice.  I will probably have some Maple something for eats and drinks, but also anyone interesting in trying some new yarn from Classic Elite company can register here to take part in a Knit Night with some brand new yarns that maybe you have never tried before.  Anyone who signs up to take part will recieve a small kit with 5 mini skeins of some beautiful yarns, such as Silky Alpace Lace, Alpace Sox, Fresco, Ariosa, Woodland, and Inca Alpaca, also some spring/summer yarns such as Solstice, Soft Linen, Sprout, and Katydid.  There will be some free patterns to support the yarns but it may also be a great chance to create a beautiful, luxurious yarn bomb for a special or unique spot in your home or a special little surprise in a loved one’s space.  Registration for the Yarn Tasting is $15, and it will run from about 6:00-9:00pm.

Have a great March everybody…I hope to see you all!!


New Classes!!!

Please take a minute to read and consider our first round of 2012 classes at Happyknits…Yay!

Brioche (w/ Amanda)-  MONDAY 6-7:30pm – Bored with knitting and purling?  Come to this class to learn something new!  Brioche is a style of knitting that is double sided, reversible, and shows vertical stripes of color.   In this class we will be making a scarf and by the end you will be a brioche pro!  Stitches to learn include:  provisional cast on, I-cord, kitchener stitch, and bicolor brioche.  Materials needed: size 10.5 dpns, size 8 dpns, 2 colors of worsted weight yarn at 100 grams each (200 grams total).  Must be able to knit and purl.

an example of a brioche scarf

Knitting with Sherri – Tuesday Afternoon 3:30-5pm – This class offers options!  Knit your choice of either a scarf, cowl, hat, fingerless mitts, mittens, socks, even a sweater!  Beginner knitters are welcome, as well as more experienced knitters.  Pick a project and grab your materials, then come join Sherri at Happyknits for an hour and a half of knitting enlightenment :)   Knit a complex pattern that you haven’t dared to tackle in the past or choose a quick simple pattern and complete more than one.  Make a gift for someone special or treat yourself.  Experience the diversity of the knitting craft. You should be comfortable with basic cast on and the knit and purl stitch, but not absolutely necessary.

Cables with Trina – Tuesday Evening 5:30-7pm – Have you always been intimidated by cabling, and unsure of your ability to put together these fantastic twists and turns into your work?  Join Trina, and learn multiple types of cabling.  Cables can be added to socks, mittens, hats, bags, sweaters, afghans, anything you can dream up.  Some cables are very simple and others quite complex.  Bring an average size needle, US7-9, and a worsted weight yarn.  There will be a variety of cable needles available for your use during the class, but if you have one, feel free to bring it along.    You can be a beginner and join this class but you should be comfortable knitting and purling.

Knitiots :) or Beginner Knitting with Julie – Thursday Evening 5:30-7:00pm -  If you are interested in Knitting and have never picked up a needle or have no idea what worsted weight or straight versus circular or double pointed needles are, then this is for you.  You may also join if you have done some basic knitting and would like to learn a little more to gain confidence before taking a sock class or tackling cables.  Drop in any Thursday evening for only $5/night and get some help.  I will be there to help, translate patterns, guide you through fixing mistakes, moral support, and will demonstrate one new technique each week.  If you have no idea where to start, I can give you some inspiration.  You may bring your own materials or purchase materials @ Happyknits for a 10% discount.  Suggested materials: needles size US8-10 and a worsted weight yarn.  Come to Happyknits with any questions.

All Classes, (excluding Knitiots) will run 4 weeks, and are $50 for the 4 week session.  During this 4 week session, any materials purchased at Happyknits are 10% discounted (please make sure to remind me at the register…i forget sometimes).  Classes are 1.5 hours each.  Private lessons are available and can be negotiated based on day/time and individual or group rates.

DON’T FORGET…Wednesday nights are KNIT NIGHT. Knit Night is free to experienced knitters who can work independently and have their own projects.  Bring along your work, patterns, and sense of humor.  Wednesday Knit Nights have been very successful and can sometimes overflow our space a little.  Just in case, you may want to bring a chair if you have one.  Hope to see you there!!!








a good day to knit

this makes me feel happy…paulamary kate, mom, sherri, and khristina 

our first knitting night

knitting night at happyknits every WednesdayEvery Wednesday at happyknits is knitting night.  We’ll be open from 10 in the morning ’til 8 ish at night.  Come on over after work and lounge in our comfy chairs, pick up a project, or work on your own. Beginners, experts, and wine welcome!