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Maine Yarn Cruise

Hi All!

We are excited to announce that Happyknits will be participating in the Maine Yarn Cruise!  The Yarn Cruise is a fun way to explore some of the yarn shops around the state of Maine.  There are 18 shops in the crawl from the coast and inland.

Here is how it works:  You can visit any of the participating yarn shops to purchase your Maine Yarn Cruise tote.  Included in your tote will be your passport, a gift (each unique to the store from where you purchase your gift), an afghan square pattern designed or chosen by the store owner(s), and raffle tickets for a chance to win monthly giveaways!  Once you have received your tote and passport, your job is only to start “cruising”, at your leisure of course.  At each shop, you will get your passport stamped, purchase a pattern for another afghan square, get more chances to win prizes, snd explore shops and meet people all from other areas who love the fiber arts as much as you.  At the end of the season, there will be GRAND PRIZES, and opportunity to join other participants on an actual cruise off the Maine Coastline.
Check out this link for more information and a full list of participating yarn shops. Enjoy and Happy Summer!!


Earth Day Market Bag Kit Knitalong

Hello All :)

This Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, we will be hosting a Free Knitalong with the purchase of a Market Bag kit.  You may purchase a premade kit or build your own bag and choose your own colors.  The kit includes the yarn, and pattern, but not the needles.  The needles neccessary for this project are US sizes 8 & 9 16″ circulars and US size 9 DPNs.  The store hours on Saturday are 9am-3pm and knitters are welcome to come and go anytime during business hours.  This is not an instructional class, so please be comfortable with knitting in the round and using DPNs.  There will be support for any questions regarding the pattern.  If crocheters are interested, we have found a crochet pattern that is similar, but has not yet been tested. Karla is working on Saturday and is proficient in both knitting and crocheting.

Farmer’s Market days are just around the corner.  This is a quick knit.  Knit up a few, for big shopping days or as a gift for someone special. We hope to see you soon! Enjoy the warming weather. It’s time for knitting with cottons, hemps, linens, and other amazing non wool fibers.  We have a nice selection here at Happyknits! Stop in for a visit. Sit and Stitch with us….we love seeing you and seeing what you’ve got on the needles! :)

Snowstorms and St. Patrick’s Day Sale

Hello All :)
I’m hoping this storm is the lion and that sweet little lamb is on it’s way very soon. According to the weather reports this is looking like a doozie. Heavy and wet and abundant. But the days are getting longer and I have seen some patches of grasses peaking up so I’m sure the sun will do it’s things and clean this all up really quickly :)
So I have some good news, and not so good news. The not so good news is that WE WILL BE CLOSING EARLY TODAY, Tuesday, March 14, and it’s very likely we will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15. Please call before you head over or check Facebook. Thank you and we apologize if this inconveniences any of you fantastic people :)
The GOOD news is that Thursday, March 16, we will be back and celebrating St Patrick’s Day and all things green with our Green Yarn Sale, where ALL green yarn with be reduced by 17% (since St Patrick’s Day is on the 17th. See what we did there?) ;) The Sale will run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Stay Safe and Warm Everybody! We will see you on the flip side!

Life happens…

Happyknits will be closed Saturday, March 4, 2017. We are sorry for any inconvenience…

Full Moon will make you crazy…

Don’t you just love the Full Moon? I love how it gives everyone a reason to get all crazy? I love how it’s always a good explanation for getting all crazy.  “It musta been the Full Moon.”  Run naked through the snowy fields? “It musta been the Full Moon.”  Stay awake all night, playing hide and seek in the moonlit woods?  ”It musta been the Full Moon.”   Buy luxurious yarn you may not necessarily need simply because it’s on SALE at your local yarn store.  All you have to say is, “It musta been the Full Moon”. ;)   Everybody understands…

Starting Saturday, February 11, (Full Moon), through Saturday, February 18th, we are celebrating and embracing your desire to get crazy by marking down ALL Juniper Moon Farms yarns in the store by 15%! We have several, lovely options for you.  Juniper Moon Herriot Great is 113 yards of pure extrafine baby alpace.  It knits/crochets up on a size 8-10 needle or a K crochet hook.  Then we have Moonshine and Moonshine Chunky. Moonshine (&Chunky) is a blend of alpaca, wool, and silk.  Moonshine works up on a 7-9 needle or an I crochet hook, and Chunky…a US 9-11 knitting needle or a K crochet hook.  Tenzig, 85% extrafine merino, and 15% yak (!) is a DK yarn that works up on a size 3-4 knitting needle and E, F crochet hook.  And lastly, but my personal favorite is Herriot Fine.  Herriot Fine is 461 yards of Alpaca with a little nylon for strength.  It’s a fingering weight and it likes a knitting needle of size 0-3, and a crochet hook B-E.  I’m dying to use this for something…maybe lacey Spring socks!

This yarn is beautiful and the company also has amazing pattern support. Come in and feel up this yarn. Treat yourself.
Here is a link to their website: https://knittingfever.com/brand/juniper-moon-farm


Fully-deflated Sock yarn/Superbowl SALE

Hello Everybody!

I know this is last minute…sometimes, that’s just the only way I know how to get things done! ;) Truth is, I like the challenge, the pressure, trying to beat the buzzer….

But, starting TODAY(!), Tuesday, January 31st through this Saturday, February 4th, all SOCK YARN will be 15% off in celebration of feet….and kicking footballs, and running and stuff! :)

Whip up some wings and nachos and socks this weekend, while you enjoy the big game! :) You could probably finish a cute little pair of baby socks like these before the football game is even over.  We have lots of great colors and options  for you.  From Berocco, to Mille Colori, to Regia, to Knit One, Crochet Too, to Noro, and more, there is sure to be some great yarn here for you for a great deal.

Shuffle your feet, you don’t want to miss this! Quick! Run! :)

The Berroco Bama Sale!

Hi Everybody!  We thought that since next week marks the date that we end one era, and begin a new one, it might be an easier transition if you had some nice new yarn to play with!  And it’s a win/win. Regardless of whether you are happy or sad about the old going out or the new coming in, you can either soothe your soul, or celebrate with something new and exciting…..and get a good deal at the same time!!

From Friday, January 13, through Friday, January 20, ALL Berroco Yarn will be on Sale at 15% off!! We have some amazing Berroco yarns:  Ultra Alpaca Fine (one of my favorites), Ultra Alpaca, Remix, Blalckstone Tweed, Berroco Sox, Elements, and Flicker, and more. Come on in and treat yourself to something new!

Store Hours: Tues-Friday 10-6, Sat 9-3.  Knitting times are as follows: Tues 11-1, Wed 10-12, Thurs 3-5, Fri 2-4, Sat 1-3.  Come see us!!

Happy Holidays to EVERYBODY! (oh, & Plaid Friday/small biz Sat info)

Hello Friends :)

Here we are. That time of year again. Time to get together with our friends, family, and community, to eat, drink, be merry, give, receive, be thankful, spread love, sing songs, be traditional, be creative,be supportive, start new traditions, reflect….knit. :)

What a year!  I have never been so grateful for creativity in all my years!  I  feel that using your creative brain and working with your hands is as essential to our health and sanity as eating well, exercise and meditation.  I think that if we allow ourselves to be creative more often, we would be happier, healthier, and nicer.  I think we would be more empathetic and compassionate, and more inclined to support each other and understand each other.  I won’t go into all the reasons I feel this to be true, but it all makes sense. Take some time to think about it.  Write about it.  :)   My holiday wish for you is that you spend more time, without any pressure, or expectation, to simply be creative. Every.single.day! :)

I hope those of you who enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving, enjoy it to the fullest tomorrow.  And then I hope you have a nice, relaxing, holiday season, full of celebration, and gratitude, and love.  Listen to music, decorate a tree, play games, tell stories, hug and kiss, get some sleep.

As you know, Black Friday, or as we small businesses like to call it, Plaid Friday, is this weekend, followed by Small Business Saturday.  Skowhegan loves to participate in these opportunities to bring people together and offer a fun local, community based holiday experience.

Happyknits is offering our Gift Certificate Special that we like to offer every year at this time as well as the month of June.  It’s a great chance for you to take advantage of savings whenever you need it most.  A $100 purchase of a gift certificate or certificates, results in the value of $125.  In other words, you spend $100 for a gift certificate in the amount of $125, or you may divide your gift certificates in as many ways as you like: (5) $25 gift certificates for example….for only $100!!! I know…it’s amazing ;)
This offer is available both, Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday.

Also, on Small Business Saturday, we are participating in Main Street Skowhegan’s Passport to Savings Program:  http://mainstreetskowhegan.org/index.php/info/Small%20Business%20Saturday.  This is a great way to support your local businesses and get familiar with your community.  Shopping local is more than just supporting the individual business owners…it’s a ripple effect that benefits you in so many ways.  AND…it just feels good!! :)   The program is simple and fun.  You simply shop in one of the participating business and receive your “passport”. Then every place you shop after will punch your passport for you and each punch increases your chances to win some big prizes! Each participating business is also running specials of some kind to show appreciation of your patronage! It’s a win win really!  Happyknits is offering 10% off all regularly priced yarn, plus a free Small Business Saturday Reusable canvas bag on purchases of yarn, or supplies, totalling over $50. This is a first come first serve deal and we have limited supply, so get our early…you little worm getting bird you! ;) In addition, of course, as I mentioned, our spectacular Gift Certificate Special!

I truly do wish you the happiest of holidays! I can’t wait to see your Merry faces strolling around town. Thank you all so much for reading and being amazing and supportive.  You are so loved!



FREE Sit & Knit/crochet groups everyday!

Hello All :)

We are very excited to announce that from now on we have a free sit & knit times every day that we are open: Tuesday-Saturday!  Of course you can sit & crochet too.  Knit just happens to rhyme with Sit. ;)

This time is designated for anyone to come and join us in the store to work on projects or even to learn the basic cast on and knit stitch.  Basic crochet lessons will be available on Thursdays and Friday with either Sarah or Karla.  Keep in mind, this is during our regular business hours.  Therefore, teaching several people at once may not always be an option, but we will always be happy to make arrangements for a future date if it doesn’t work out.

Grab a friend, or come alone and make new friends.  Drop the kids off at practice, your car at the garage, or your husband at the grocery store. Find a time that works for you and come on in! Please also know, that sitting and knitting or crocheting here at Happyknits is not limited to only these times….you really can stop in anytime and relax by the fireplace.  These are knitting times we have each chosen that work for us on our days in the store.

We look forward to the possibility of seeing more of you!

Deep breaths……knit knit knit……it will make everything better I promise!!

Saturday is the new Wednesday

Hello All :)

This autumn weather has been amazing hasn’t it?  I love the color and the cool nip in the air is making me feel all wooly.

As most of you know, we have taken a little break from Wednesday night Knit Nights as we reassess what works best for us.  We have come to a decision!! Our weekly FREE knitting/crocheting “Sit & Knit” will now be on Saturdays from 1pm-3pm! After lots of discussion and feedback, we feel this works well for many reasons.  Mostly, it gives each one of us the opportunity to enjoy your company and get inspiration from you all.  :)

This means that Wednesday night Knit Night will no longer be a regular gig, but will open up that opportunity for other events, classes, knit-a-longs, etc.

As I mentioned, this is always FREE, and you have no obligation…come when you can, call ahead or come on a whim, bring your crochet project, knitting, sit and ball yarn, look through patterns, organize your knitting bag…..whatever you want.  This is not necessarily an instructional opportunity, but of course beginners are welcome, assuming you know how to cast on, knit, purl, or crochet, have a basic understanding of patterns, yarn, and gauge.  There is always someone willing to answer a question if you get stuck.  If you are not comfortable with these things, no worries, a beginner class is always an option for you.  Please subscribe to the blog here, follow us on facebook, instagram, or sign our mailing list in the store to make sure you don’t miss out on those opportunities when they arise.  Also, talk to us about private lessons.  And….as always….all are welcome to pop in anytime during our regular business hours (T-F 10-6, Sat 9-3) and relax with your project.  Bring a friend.  :) Stay all day if you want! :)

We are really hoping you will stop in and join us when you can, or every week!  This begins this weekend, Saturday, October 15.  Hope to see you soon! Thanks for reading!!