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(*sigh) with that being said…

Hello all…

Thank you for reading my last blog titled “as my world turns”. I meant every word…and more :)

And now…with that being said…I would like to let you know that I have decided to move on. I have loved and am grateful for the time I have spent in this space, in this chapter of life. I am fortunate to have had the chance to give it a go, and as I mentioned, I have received more from the experience than money could ever measure. I can’t say one thing that wasn’t positive, in hindsight, about having a little local yarn business in this commu(k)nity. My reason for moving on is not because I don’t love it, or that I don’t believe it could be financially beneficial given the time and proper management. My reason is that since the beginning, my struggles have been in balancing this life and the other life that I love, my kids and husband and home. I was a stay home Mom for 10 years and am fortunate to have a very supportive husband. I, gratefully, have a choice. When I weigh my options, ultimately it comes down to time. I can not give this business the time I feel I need to make it as great as I imagine it can be, and also feel like I am spending the amount of time with my family to feel good about that. In the end, raising my kids the way I want to is time sensitive. The way I figure it, I am not willing to give up any more time than I have to while they are young, and since I have a choice…

So here I am…offering you all an opportunity. It’s called a “turn key business opportunity”. I am hoping ultimately what will happen is one of you will want to come in and take over. I want to live in a commu(k)nity where a yarn store also lives. For the next few weeks I am opening communication to anyone who would like to come in here, buy the contents of the store, slap up a new sign with a new name, and continue where I leave off in a new refreshed, more successful, way. I would like to work together with you, voluntarily, for a while, to help get things going in your way with whatever help or suggestions I can give.

I have decided to keep the Happyknits name….take it with me….and maybe keep a little business going. I am looking forward to blogging more, so if you don’t mind listening to me gab every once in a while, please stay subscribed. I intend on taking Happyknits in a little bit of a different direction….Happyknits Retreats. I am dreaming of organizing more social get togethers surrounding knitting, crocheting, and potentially spinning and other fiber arts. I am hoping that if someone does take over the retail piece, they might be interested in working together somehow on that, helping each other out…

Since I have talked to my landlord about it, and I have dragged my feet a little, (for lack of finding the right words and out of fear of change) I need to move things along. I am putting the word out here, to you first, and then I will start advertising in places like Craigslist, Yarn Market News, and other websites. I have given myself a short time span of about 4 weeks to make the turn key business thing happen before I decide to just start shutting down and moving inventory out. Please, if this is something you are interested in running with, e-mail me, or stop in on one of my business days: Wednesdays 11:30-7:30, Fridays 9:30-5:30, or Saturdays 9:30-3:30. I am happy to make arrangements to meet you with you on any other days/times by appointment.

This is something I have spent the last year thinking about….over thinking it really. It’s sad, and I have shed plenty of tears, but am excited and hopeful that good things will come….that things will work out the way they are meant to. Please message me with any questions, I will give you all and any information you would like. Thank you so much for reading…

as my world turns….

Hi Everybody…

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for all of you? I don’t think I could ever fully express the warm fuzzies I feel when I think about the last 3 years, having been surrounded by the best community of people that I can imagine. In a few weeks I will acknowledge and (silently) celebrate 3 years of Happyknits. The amount of growth I have experienced is indescribable….but I will try anyway. ;) I am a newer, updated version of myself. I am confident in ways that I am not sure I would have ever realized I lacked. I am knowledgeable about things I can’t believe I never knew. I have friendships that exist that break my heart to think they might never have developed. I have a faith that is stronger everyday, because it has gotten me through the day before….beautifully. I am creative, and free, and have a new perspective on life. I feel like every interaction I have had with you has been a lesson. I hear you, I see you, I feel you. You have touched me and helped me grow.

Today, I am just saying “Thank you”…

Happy Spring :)

April Fool’s Day….but this is no joke ;)

Hey :)

How are you all? I am well but really trying hard not to be a total grump about the winter weather. I know complaining doesn’t do any good, but man….it’s wearing me down! I’m okay….don’t worry ;) but I will be dancing a jig all over town when this snow and cold is gone…just sayin :)

I considered not cutting my hours back this year to 3 days a week like I did last year….but I gotta be honest…it makes me happy!! :) I need to get outside as soon as the weather allows me to and move my body more with my husband and kids. If I don’t….the truth is….things might start spontaneously combusting around me. Ha!

image from http://yarnexplosion.com/

That being said….my last Tuesday will be April 1st.  Beginning the following week, April 6 (sunday), my hours will change to WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY.  PLEASE, make a note of it.   Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays have always been constant….the hours won’t change and Wednesday evening’s Knit Night, as well as Friday morning’s Sit and Knit will continue as usual, and Saturdays are always great.  But that’s it!:)


I hope Spring hits us as hard as Winter did, and Summer is as persistent and hangs around as long as it likes.  I look forward to cool breezes on warm sunny afternoons, bike riding, hiking, and swimming, music festivals, grilling and frosty mugs full of cold beer :) I wish all the peace and love and happyknits to all of you as well.  Thanks for being the best community of people a yarn store lady could ever wish for!!!!!!

Some good information :)

Hi All!!

Oh I am so happy to start a new year!!  I hope you all had a great year and are looking forward to 2014 as well.  I love a New Year….it’s so fresh and new and mysterious and exciting….like anything can happen….the possibilities are endless :) :) hahaha!

My brain works in overtime as usual but I am learning to accept that it is what it is.  I am an overthinker and can tend to worry, so the one resolution I made is not to worry about being an overthinker ;)    I am who I am and I am so I’ll just be the best me I know how to be and be HAPPY with it.  We are all a little weird, and a little crazy, and by weird and crazy, I mean amazing and fantastic!!  We all have our unique styles and the best part is nobody understands it!!  It’s what keeps us interested, right?? Haha…..this is what a crazy person says so that they can justify being crazy! hahaha!  I am embracing my craziness :)

I’m going on Vacation…!  I am going someplace warm, with sand, and sun, and music, and rainforests, and monkeys!  I have filled out my Calendar on this website for you since I will be closed a little bit next week.  Sherri is going to open the store Wednesday and Saturday while I’m gone.  Love that Sherri :)   I am also contemplating more changes to the schedule…you know….overthinking it :)

Meanwhile, if you click on the Calendar tab at the top of this homepage you will find the store hours for the next couple weeks.  Thanks.

ALSO, when I return and get back to reality, I will be having a BIG SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The month of February, or FABruary as I like to call (and maybe even March);) will be loaded with fabulous money saving offers.  I will blog further in a couple weeks, but I promise you, you will want to pay attention to my Facebook page and any e-mails from peacelovehappyknits@gmail.com :)

Have a great January Everyone!  Keep warm….knit a lot.  Knit some socks and some mitts, a blanket, a shawlette, and a nice hat.  Come to KNIT NIGHT when you can or just come hang out with me during store hours and knit or crochet with me.  I’m not only an overthinker….I over talk too!! (Oops did I just scare you away?) hahaha! I just like to visit with you all and embrace your craziness too :)

Holiday Stroll Yo!


Hi Everybody!! The Holiday Stroll is happening in Skowhegan this weekend and as usual I am a slacker and did not get on the schedule with any events happening here at Happyknits :/ …it’s how I roll.

Anyway….better late than never I say, (I have to say that because I am always late:)).  So I am thinking about having FN (Friday Night, that is) Knit Night with warm drinks….coffee, hot cocoa, or whatever else you can think of that might warm the belly ;)  and ummmmmm….Candy Canes! haha! oh, come on, you know you’re coming now!  And FREE Christmas Patterns!  I have lots of Free printed patterns that you can shuffle through and snag for your Christmas pattern collection.  You DO have a Christmas pattern collection don’t you??

The Parade is Friday night also and it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away….but you can just walk down if you want ;) I am thinking I might “stroll” down :)

Saturday, the store is open from 9:30-3:30pm and I am thinking of shutting down all the wild and crazy yarnbombers for one Saturday and having a non-knitting activity for a change.

I was given this idea by a customer this morning and I loved it so I’m going with it.  I was thinking about doing this cute little project:

Stop in around or after 1pm if you are interested…totally FREE and only while supplies last, or until 3:30pm.  While you are here, and anytime on Saturday, enjoy 20% off any Luxury Yarns: any yarn that consists mostly of Alpaca, Angora, Mohair, Llama.  I will have labels beside what qualifies, in my mind, as a Luxury Fiber.  I will also have a display of Stocking Stuffer ideas to help if you’re not a knitter but would like to give a knitter a gift.

I will be closed on Sunday so that I can do some Holiday Strolling of my own with my family.  Enjoy your weekend Everybody!!


Oh the Holiday season…

yarn love

Look at this BIG deal for Black/Plaid Friday AND Small Business Saturday in this tiny new sized Gift Certificate from your Local Yarn Store!!! O.M.G.! :)

Yup, that’s right….the Gift Certificate Special is on again this weekend for both days!  If you haven’t heard about this special or need a reminder of how it plays out, here goes:  Purchase $125 worth of Gift Certificates for only $100!  You can put all the value on one GC or divide it up and gift it to several people if you want.  You can divide it in anyway you wish.  You can use it any time and for anything in the store  (Just a reminder though….it can not be used to double up on other already reduced items….like clearance or in combination with other sales or specials…it just doesn’t work out on my end very well :/)

Also, if you would like a deal but maybe aren’t in the position to spend quite that much this weekend, I have a special idea for you as well.  If you spend $30, you may pick one FREE skein from the clearance bins on the table just outside the door.  I will be adding a few things to it this week so you may be lucky and find something you love that you can keep for yourself! Skeins of yarn are also great stocking stuffers. Maybe couple it with a set of needles for a beginner knitter or with a gift certificate for a free private lesson!!

There’s more!  On Small Business Saturday, if you come in and show a receipt from another small locally owned and run business in Skowhegan, I will give you 10% of your entire purchase (again, remember I can’t double up on specials :) )  OR if you have a smart phone and have FACEBOOK, and you “Check-in” at Happyknits and show me that you have done so, I will give you 5% off your entire purchase.  If you do both of those things (the receipt and the check-in), I WILL double that offer so you can receive 15% off your entire purchase.

There will be a new YOTM, yarn of the month, which of course is always 25% off it’s original price.  That’s a surprise, you’ll have to come in to see what I have chosen! :) (and, I don’t know yet what it will be :) )

As always, I hope most of all you just enjoy your holiday and be safe and happy and healthy and eat lots of yummy home made food and get real jolly and stuff ;) Peace…



get bombed on Saturday afternoons

making the world more colorful

Beginning this Saturday afternoon…from about NOON-3pm….participate in a free knitting/crochet group called “The Incogknitos”.  Bring scraps of yarn, old acrylic that you wouldn’t be caught dead knitting with now that you’re a “yarn snob”, maybe stuff you’re old Aunt Ezmeralda left you in the will, yard sale finds that you couldn’t turn down because it was only a quarter, or maybe just stuff you don’t know what else to do with.  Don’t show up with a sweater project, or a Christmas gift you need to finish, or a charity project!  Be spontaneous, and creative, and mindful in the moment.  Try out new stitches or color combinations or even try crochet or knit if you do the other.  Just come play.  We can meet and be wacky, and then figure out where to go from there.  I need a posse…..come be my part of something random and silly, and see how it becomes real, and meaningful.  If I want anything to become something….it’s this!!! :) Just show up and don’t worry about commitment….don’t plan on it, just let it happen…sometimes the best things in life just fall in place.  And….we can get bombed if you want!! Bring wine!! Bring your best friend….or someone you want to be better friends with….or someone you don’t like at all but feel bad because they need something cool in their life ;)   See you then!  (Don’t make me beg :/)

as life goes on….

A few of you have been in since my last blog….curious, concerned, supportive, sincere.  I know it sounded open ended, (by intention), but I hope it didn’t seem negative and pathetic.  I am just hitting a place in my life, a crossroad if you will, and I need to figure out which direction works best for my family and me.  I know 2 things….I love my family, and I love this community of fiber folks that have, over the past 2.5 years, become my new “norm”.  We’ll see what happens…

In the meantime, understand this about me, I love seeing you all and learning from you, and I take every word you give and pass it around (several times) in my head with careful consideration.  If I could make everyone happy, I would.   But it’s hard to do, so for now, it’s about my husband and me, and my kids.

There is so much about the store that is a gift….the space (MY space), the colors, the yarn, the inspiration, the creativity, the education….and mostly….the relationships.  I love knitting and all that, but what I love most is never knowing who will walk through the door each day, or come sit and knit, who will ultimately touch me in some sort of powerful way, and usually, I don’t think many of you are aware of the way you affect me.   I have never connected with people in the same ways I connect with you.  I can remember your names, your families, what you like to knit/crochet, your stories, where you’ve been, where you’re going…..it all seems to make sense to me somehow when I’m here with you.

Meanwhile….there is always this pull….to be somewhere else….a hurried feeling.  I miss being with my kids the way I used to be and want to be.  I want to be at school, meeting their friends, their teachers, other Moms (and Dads).  I want to be part of their extracurricular activities, coaching, teaching, watching, cheering.  Not because I think they need me…..because I WANT to.  And I only have a few more years to fully enjoy this time with them….this time when they want me to be there too.  I am my most excited and passionate when I am spending time with them, watching how they discover new things….learning stuff….growing up.

So as life goes on, I am testing myself.  I am imagining living the one life or the other, comparing the two worlds and trying to decide if managing both things at the level that I feel good about, is within my capability.  I am wondering if I am truly the multi-tasker I once thought I was, and if I even want to be a multi-tasker at all.  Maybe one thing at a time is more my speed.

So while I love and appreciate all your kind words and suggestions, and never stop giving them to me, I will ultimately go with what my gut says when the time comes.  Continue patience with me. I know my hours can be frustrating,  my low inventory at times, my need for constant reminders, and my slow pace of learning or lack of decision making skills…my over -chattiness. :) But I am human and can only do things in my own odd little way of doing things, and know that I am doing what I do in the best way I know how while attempting to keep a desperate grasp on sanity…ha!

I am looking forward to whatever opportunities arise.  If you have dreams of running a yarn store and or even have just passing thoughts about it, come see me, ask me questions, brainstorm.  At this point, I am still open to anything.

With all that being said, several of you sweet little peeps have mentioned to me that you would love to help, or participate in the survival of a yarn store in your world.  If you are serious about this and have specific days/times that you are available or talents that you would like to share, please message me.  The biggest piece of advice I keep receiving and have decided to act on is to let go of this fear of asking for help from people.  Facebook inbox is a great, easy way to communicate, texting, or e-mailing….best is, of course, in person.  I am dedicating a notebook to names, and contact information of people I can call on.

Thanks for reading, and KEEP reading, please.  I am trying to stay in touch better, I have a couple ideas for fun events, classes, yarn bombing, retreats, sales!  Love to all y’all and Happy Holidays!

Remember me?

photo credit- Julie Persons

Hi Everybody :) Remember me?  I have been quiet for a while….as far as blogging.  I always have the best intentions.  It’s a disorder really…..the if I can’t fit ALL the words in my head into a few short paragraphs, then don’t put any words down at all disorder.  Have any of you heard of that? Maybe I made it up, but it is real ;)

Anyway, this is just a Hello, How  are you? kinda thing.  I am not the only one who has been quiet.  I haven’t seen some of you for a while either….which is okay, btw, I just miss you :)
I had a great Spring/Summer….I turned 40! That was something. Again, there is no way to fit all the words surrounding that into just a few short sentences.  I won’t bother you with it.  I will say though, it has been consuming, exhausting, exciting, and freeing.  That being said, I have made some decisions about my life…
I learned that I am ONLY moving forward in life with Happiness…..whether or not that will include Happyknits is yet to be determined.  I am still in constant discussion with myself regarding how to find balance. So far I have to decided instead of making a decision, I will just trust that it will all work itself out just exactly as it should.
I am open to suggestions from you all…advice, support, offers.  I am imagining that Skowhegan will continue to host a yarn store because people around here want it, and love it.  I am imagining a yarn store run better than how I have run Happyknits, maybe run by 2 people, or 1 really dedicated person.  I am imagining me remaining a part of it….forever….somehow.  I am imagining growth, creatively, financially, and socially.  I am imagining rainbows and unicorns and happy little elves :) jk….just seeing if you’re paying attention ;)
In the meantime, I am happily puttsing (pronounced putt-sing :) ) along, counting and revisiting skeins of yarn, filing patterns, making wishlists, teaching cast-ons and garter stitches, and cables, knitting in my sleep, wishing I had 8 hands and 2 bodies.  I love seeing you come through my door, inspiring me, visiting with me, sharing your creativity with me, moving me with your support.  I am brainstorming ideas and hoping the materialize like I envision them.
Just wanted to say hi…………”hi :)

1st day of Summer, GC reminder, and….other things :)

1st day of Summer

Hello Everyone!! I hope you are all well :)
Oh my gosh isn’t this weather the best? It’s so summery and yummy smelling. I hope you are all getting a chance to be outside when the sun shines as much as possible. I am enjoying my bike, and softball, and taking photos, and all the brilliant beauty of this time of year. One of my girls has already finished school, but the other one finishes the end of this week. I am looking forward to spending more time with them…
I will also try to snap out of the vacation mode that I have been in….just a little:).
I return to the store on Tuesday’s starting next week, June 25th, 9:30-5:30pm.
I would love to offer another time for a knitting group, either a free sit and knit, or if anyone is interested in teaching a class on Tuesday, e-mail me: peacelovehappyknits@gmail.com
Also, there are only 11 days to take advantage of the Gift Certificate Special!!! This is a great deal!! For $100, you receive $125 value in gift certificates. You may split this up into multiple GCs’ or take it all in one….however you like. The deal is only good on a $100 gc purchase, and remember it can not be used on any other discounted items in the future though.
Please, if you are interested in teaching classes, or if you are interested in knitting samples for the store, let me know. I am trying to plan ahead a little….knitting season will be here very soon and all our fingers will be twitching again :) In the meantime, don’t forget the importance of giving youselves a few minutes every day to do what makes you feel good, and your local yarn store is here for you if buying a new skein of yarn is exactly what you need ;)