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FREE Sit & Knit/crochet groups everyday!

Hello All :)

We are very excited to announce that from now on we have a free sit & knit times every day that we are open: Tuesday-Saturday!  Of course you can sit & crochet too.  Knit just happens to rhyme with Sit. ;)

This time is designated for anyone to come and join us in the store to work on projects or even to learn the basic cast on and knit stitch.  Basic crochet lessons will be available on Thursdays and Friday with either Sarah or Karla.  Keep in mind, this is during our regular business hours.  Therefore, teaching several people at once may not always be an option, but we will always be happy to make arrangements for a future date if it doesn’t work out.

Grab a friend, or come alone and make new friends.  Drop the kids off at practice, your car at the garage, or your husband at the grocery store. Find a time that works for you and come on in! Please also know, that sitting and knitting or crocheting here at Happyknits is not limited to only these times….you really can stop in anytime and relax by the fireplace.  These are knitting times we have each chosen that work for us on our days in the store.

We look forward to the possibility of seeing more of you!

Deep breaths……knit knit knit……it will make everything better I promise!!

Saturday is the new Wednesday

Hello All :)

This autumn weather has been amazing hasn’t it?  I love the color and the cool nip in the air is making me feel all wooly.

As most of you know, we have taken a little break from Wednesday night Knit Nights as we reassess what works best for us.  We have come to a decision!! Our weekly FREE knitting/crocheting “Sit & Knit” will now be on Saturdays from 1pm-3pm! After lots of discussion and feedback, we feel this works well for many reasons.  Mostly, it gives each one of us the opportunity to enjoy your company and get inspiration from you all.  :)

This means that Wednesday night Knit Night will no longer be a regular gig, but will open up that opportunity for other events, classes, knit-a-longs, etc.

As I mentioned, this is always FREE, and you have no obligation…come when you can, call ahead or come on a whim, bring your crochet project, knitting, sit and ball yarn, look through patterns, organize your knitting bag…..whatever you want.  This is not necessarily an instructional opportunity, but of course beginners are welcome, assuming you know how to cast on, knit, purl, or crochet, have a basic understanding of patterns, yarn, and gauge.  There is always someone willing to answer a question if you get stuck.  If you are not comfortable with these things, no worries, a beginner class is always an option for you.  Please subscribe to the blog here, follow us on facebook, instagram, or sign our mailing list in the store to make sure you don’t miss out on those opportunities when they arise.  Also, talk to us about private lessons.  And….as always….all are welcome to pop in anytime during our regular business hours (T-F 10-6, Sat 9-3) and relax with your project.  Bring a friend.  :) Stay all day if you want! :)

We are really hoping you will stop in and join us when you can, or every week!  This begins this weekend, Saturday, October 15.  Hope to see you soon! Thanks for reading!!


Friday Night Knitting w/ Vicki Twigg

Hey All :)

We hope you are all well and knitting or crocheting your sweet fingers to the bone ;) What beautiful Fall weather we’ve been having….even the rain.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the upcoming Winter is just as enjoyable.

Meanwhile…..at your Local Yarn Shop :)

Friday, November 6, 2015 we will host Vicki Twigg, ( http://vickitwigg.com/about/) .  Vicki is a Designer and Author or the book “Twigg Stitch”.  The twigg stitch was created by Vicki.  Twigg Stitch is a reversible, double sided knitting technique that produces a mirror image on both sides, in different colors, and double thickness.  Vicki will be here to teach her technique to you, and us!

This will a 3 hour workshop, running from 6-9pm here at Happyknits.  There is limited space, so we are asking for pre-registration, and payment, by October 31st, in order to hold your space and give us and idea of how many to expect.  The fee for this workshop is $35.

You will need to bring yarn of your choice, lighter than a worsted, heavier than lace, and needles to match the gauge. Of course if you would like to purchase supplies at Happyknits, and are registered for this workshop, we are offering 10% of all necessary supplies.

Visit Vicki’s website, (Vickitwigg.com),  or her Ravelry page,( http://www.ravelry.com/designers/vicki-twigg).  As always, email us or call the store, preferably, stop in, with questions or to register. :)

Need something warm to do? Here are a few ideas :)

Hi All :)

Hope you are all well and staying warm.  I don’t know about you but I am enjoying doing a little knitting to unwind from the holidays and 2014.  A lot of times, January is a big knitting month for me as I just try to wrap my head around what has just ended and what is about to begin.  I don’t always make New Year’s resolutions but I do always think about what they would be if I did ;) This year, I am kinda sorta promising myself that I will go outside my comfort zone and try and learn some new things.  You know….get interested in things instead of staying stuck in the same old routine of life.  Buy something I’ve never tried at the grocery store (and actually try it), read a book on a subject I’ve always wondered about, go see some new live music, go somewhere, meet new people, get crafty, organize something, (I already did this btw, with my junk drawer.  I bought those little containers that fit in the drawer and sorted everything all out….elastics, pens, tacks, temporary tattoos) ;) .

I think you should try something new too, with me, or Marylou, or Sarah, or Karla :)

Here’s what we have in mind:

Two Hour “Big Hat” w/ Marylou ~ Choose either Friday, Feb 6, 10:30am-12:30pm, OR Monday, Feb 9, 6:00-8:00pm.

Learn how to knit in the round using circular needles and complete a great, chunky hat in a 2 hour session!  You should be comfortable casting on and knitting and purling to join this class. You will create a nice warm hat with a ribbed edge and an impressive pom pom!  Bring your own materials or get them here :)   You will need US sz 15 16″Circular and Double Pointed Needles (dpn), a stitch marker, and Super bulky yarn. The pattern will be provided for you.  The cost of this class is $10. Please pre-pay to reserve a space :)







Socks w/ Sarah ~ Mondays, February 2,9, and 16, 4-6pm (3 week class)

Take the leap and learn to knit socks. You will be so glad you did! Socks are the perfect project. They are easy and fun, small and portable, and you end up with something that has the potential to make any single person happy! You will love being free from the intimidation of the heel and realize it is one of the most satisfying experiences of you’re life! ;)

In this class, you will learn to work in the round on double pointed needles, turn a heel without fear, make a left and right leaning decrease, and close a toe using a simple and beautiful adaption of the Kitchener stitch.  You should already be comfortable with making the basic knit and purl stitches.

Fee for this class is $36 for all 3 weeks and includes the pattern “Classic Socks for the Family” by Yankee Knitter (the ONLY sock pattern you will ever need!) You will also need a set of US2 Double Pointed Needles (dpn) and 350 yards of sock or fingering yarn for a women’s and 450 yards for a men’s pair.



Pillows  w/ Julie ~  Dates/times/fee TBA (this class will begin sometime in February) ;)

Learn a couple new techniques while making your choice, or all 3, of the pillows featured in the pattern by Lindsay Ingram called “Snap, Crackle, Pop”.

Dress up your home with pillows made from your choice of worsted weight yarn to match your living space with perfection.  Learn a basic cable pattern, a basket weave(ish) stitch, and a funky slip and wrap stitch to make each one unique and practice some new moves.  You should be able to cast on, knit and purl pretty comfortably in order to sign up for this class.

You may bring your own materials or purchase them here. We have lots of great choices.  You will also need size US8 24″ circular needles, and a tapestry needle.  Also, a 16″ pillow insert. I will be doing some research on this, and might be able to just include the pillow in the fee.  The pattern will be included in the class fee.

Please contact us via email (peacelovehappyknits@gmail.com) or at the store (474-7979) if you are interested in this class, asap. You’re input will help determine the dates/times :)


While Karla awaits news of the birth of a grandbaby, she is holding off on committing to a scheduled class.  She is, meanwhile, ready to commit to HAPPY HOURS on FRIDAYS.  Join Karla from 4-6 every Friday for Knitting, crocheting, and social intoxication ;) .  This will be a regular Friday afternoon gig and is FREE!!  Let the good times ROLL baby!!

Watch for Wine & Twines’ to become a regular once a month get together as well as Knitting for a Cause on Sundays every now and again. 

Spoiler Alert:  The first Knit for a Cause will be held on Saturday, February 15th!!  Marylou is heading this one up with knitted or crocheted scarves to benefit “Stitch out for Cancer” http://shejams.com/stitch-out-cancer/ Make a note of it!! This is also a FREE event….just a simple knit-along….bring your own patterns and yarn although we will have suggestions for you here.  The only rule is the yarn must be pink and white.  Fun and doing something good!

What’s in Knit for me? New classes!

Hello All :)

What a great weekend we had for our Grand Opening! Thank you again for coming!!


I wanted to get on the website the classes we have decided to offer for the first round and add a little info.  All the classes are taught by one of the four of us.  We have chosen times that work well in our schedules.  The times and days may seem random and that’s because, they are :) .  Hopefully, through feedback from all of you, and as things change in our lives, we will be able to offer the right class at the right time for you….yeah you ;) .  For now, this is where we have chosen to begin.  We need 3 ppl minimum to run the class, and can take a maximum or 5-6 for space and time reasons.  Our classes will run for an hour, and this is how we have priced them, but we are all willing and expecting that sometimes, these will run over a little bit timewise.  Please contact us with ideas or requests on classes or times of the week, or even events that you would like to see happen.  Class costs include the class itself, and the “pattern”, but materials as far as yarn and needles are for you to bring of your choosing.  Of course, we have the supplies here and can point you in the right direction.

Here are the first round of Classes:

Stick your neck out Scarf: Learn something NEW!  Choose a scarf pattern based on your level of confidence in your knitting ability.  You are welcome to join but the patterns available will not necessarily be challenging, but they will be beautiful and fun.  Beginners will learn how to ball yarn, cast on, knit, and purl.  Intermediates will experiment with new stitches, knitting in the round (if necessary), changing colors, and potentially some seaming.  We will all become a little more comfortable with gauge.  w/Julie, Thursday evenings, 6:30-7:30pm, October 2 & 9, 23 $35.

Definitely not just 3 corners – (a simple hat class): Maybe you already know how to knit with straight needles.  Maybe you are tired of working your pieces flat and seaming them.  Maybe you see people knitting on circular needles and double pointed needles and you have needle envy.  Maybe your ears get really cold and you need a good hand knit hat to keep them warm.  If so, you should join Marylou for this class.  It is an introduction to circular and double pointed needles.  You will create a hat with your choice of edging…roll or ribbing, and experiment with different stitch patterns, all while becoming familiar with the concept of knitting in the round.  You should be comfortable with casting on, knitting and purling to join this class.  w/Marylou, Monday evenings, 5:30-6:30pm, October 6, 13, & 20, $35.

This Class Socks!: Join Sarah for 3 class sessions and learn to make socks.  In this class, you will learn to work in the round on double pointed needles, turn a heel without fear, make left and right leaning decreases, and close a toe using a simple and beautiful adaptation of the Kitchener stitch.  You should already be comfortable with the basic knit and purl stitch.  The class includes the pattern, “Classic Socks for the Family” from Yankee Knitter.  You will also need a set of US2 double pointed needles, and at least 350-450 yards of sock or fingering yarn.  w/ Sarah, Tuesday afternoons, 3:00-4:00pm, October 7, 14, 21, $36.

HOOKIN’ w/ Karla – intro to Crochet(!): Get Hookin’ right here at Happyknits!!  Finally, a crochet class!  Learn to create a chain, work into the chain, work a slip stitch, and double crochet to create a cute and colorful, GRANNY SQUARE.  Granny Squares are fun and versatile, you can hoard them for an afghan, use them for a scarf, or bag, or hat.  Totally retro!  YOu will also learn how to assemble the squares using whipstitch, or a crochet join.  You need no prior crochet knowledge or experience.  Knitters may want to take this class to broaden your fiber talents, combine the two hobbies, blow people’s minds!! Materials needed are sz H crochet hook, and a worsted weight yarn.  w/ Karla, Thursday afternoon, 1:00-2:00pm, October 2 & 9, 16. $30.

Sign up and pre-pay (please) at Happyknits :) Call, 474-7979, or email peacelovehappyknits@gmail.com with questions.  Spread the word….



April Fool’s Day….but this is no joke ;)

Hey :)

How are you all? I am well but really trying hard not to be a total grump about the winter weather. I know complaining doesn’t do any good, but man….it’s wearing me down! I’m okay….don’t worry ;) but I will be dancing a jig all over town when this snow and cold is gone…just sayin :)

I considered not cutting my hours back this year to 3 days a week like I did last year….but I gotta be honest…it makes me happy!! :) I need to get outside as soon as the weather allows me to and move my body more with my husband and kids. If I don’t….the truth is….things might start spontaneously combusting around me. Ha!

image from http://yarnexplosion.com/

That being said….my last Tuesday will be April 1st.  Beginning the following week, April 6 (sunday), my hours will change to WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY.  PLEASE, make a note of it.   Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays have always been constant….the hours won’t change and Wednesday evening’s Knit Night, as well as Friday morning’s Sit and Knit will continue as usual, and Saturdays are always great.  But that’s it!:)


I hope Spring hits us as hard as Winter did, and Summer is as persistent and hangs around as long as it likes.  I look forward to cool breezes on warm sunny afternoons, bike riding, hiking, and swimming, music festivals, grilling and frosty mugs full of cold beer :) I wish all the peace and love and happyknits to all of you as well.  Thanks for being the best community of people a yarn store lady could ever wish for!!!!!!

get bombed on Saturday afternoons

making the world more colorful

Beginning this Saturday afternoon…from about NOON-3pm….participate in a free knitting/crochet group called “The Incogknitos”.  Bring scraps of yarn, old acrylic that you wouldn’t be caught dead knitting with now that you’re a “yarn snob”, maybe stuff you’re old Aunt Ezmeralda left you in the will, yard sale finds that you couldn’t turn down because it was only a quarter, or maybe just stuff you don’t know what else to do with.  Don’t show up with a sweater project, or a Christmas gift you need to finish, or a charity project!  Be spontaneous, and creative, and mindful in the moment.  Try out new stitches or color combinations or even try crochet or knit if you do the other.  Just come play.  We can meet and be wacky, and then figure out where to go from there.  I need a posse…..come be my part of something random and silly, and see how it becomes real, and meaningful.  If I want anything to become something….it’s this!!! :) Just show up and don’t worry about commitment….don’t plan on it, just let it happen…sometimes the best things in life just fall in place.  And….we can get bombed if you want!! Bring wine!! Bring your best friend….or someone you want to be better friends with….or someone you don’t like at all but feel bad because they need something cool in their life ;)   See you then!  (Don’t make me beg :/)

Happy Thanksgiving, Plaid Friday, Small Business Saturday


Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!  I hope you are all well and looking forward to a nice long holiday weekend hopefully surrounded by good food and good spirits…and whiskey sours :)   I plan on enjoying Thanksgiving by relaxing at home and organizing my thoughts before the craziness of the holiday season begins.  I will be open next week on Tuesday, as usual, CLOSED WEDNESDAY & of course THURSDAY (Thanksgiving) and then open again for Black/Plaid Friday from 9:30am-8:00pm for the Skowhegan Artwalk, when I will be featuring Khristina Thayer of THE NAKED EWE:  http://thenakedewe.com/ Please check out her website and come see her next Friday evening here at Happyknits. I will also be here for normal business hours on Small Business Saturday from 9:30-3:30pm.  Please make a note of these special hours next week and enjoy your turkey.  Oh, and FYI, I am extremely grateful for all of you…and for yarn :)

I will be running my favorite special of all…the Gift Certificate Special!!  This will be offered both days, and then not again until JULY!! In case you are not familiar with this Special, I will explain:  If you spend $100 on a gift certificate you will recieve $125 worth.   You can either put this all on one gift certificate, OR, you can split it up and get five $25 GC for only $100, or divide it all up in $5 GC if you wish :)   This is a great deal with no expiration date, and great stocking stuffer, especially couple with a set of needles or a cute little sheep measuring tape…just sayin…
I leave you now…I do wish you the Happiest Thanksgiving, and I hope all of you spend lots of timing appreciating all the good things in your life, because of course there are countless things to be grateful for.  I hope you all have a refreshing, reflective week(end), and get ready to embrace and enjoy the upcoming winter, Christmas, New Year.  Love to all!!

Spread your wings!!

wingspan shawl KAL

If you’ve been in the shop recently, you’ve probably noticed the awesome Wingspan Shawl knit by the talented Susan Nelson! If not, stop in and give it a touch. This little beauty knit up with just 1 skein of Jawoll Magic sock yarn, 440 yds, on sz 4 ndls. Jawoll is only the beginning—-how about Noro Silk Garden Lite or eye catching swaths of Malabrigo lace?!! The color possibilities and yarn choices are endless, really!

On Sept 13th, just for fun, the shop is inviting all knitters to join in a Wingspan KAL. Patterns are available on Ravelry or at the shop for free. With all the delicious colors flooding the shop, let’s see what colors make you fly!! With the sun setting earlier that little extra warmth will be perfect for late summer nights.

Stop in! Pick your perfect colors and start knitting your wings!! Oh—photos can be posted as we go along to share and inspire each other. Come KAL!!

FYI…There is also a Crocheted version of this shawl, if you prefer Crochet!  This pattern is also a free pattern on Ravelry.  Crochetalong (CAL)…I love it!

The Retreat!!!

(k)nestled up and knitting

Reservation is made at the Poplar  Stream Falls Hut of Maine Huts and Trail:  http://www.mainehuts.org/poplar-stream-falls-hut/, for Saturday, October 20, 2012!!   Happyknits first knitting retreat!! The trail heading into the Poplar Hut is about 2(ish) miles.  It is a beautiful walk that is somewhat hilly, and exciting, along the stream at times, and by the Falls.  It is a fairly simple hike but is definitely a good workout!  (There is an option of getting a shuttle in to the Hut for those eager to nestle in and knit but are not comfortable with the hike).  This is a plush backcountry experience.  The Hut is off grid with very little environmental impact, the bedding is a bunkhouse providing a basic mattresses and pillow, but 2 fantastic homecooked meals are provided, as well as flushable composting toilets and coin operated showers, and good drinkable well water. There is a comfortable sitting area and screened in porch…perfect for knitting.

The plan is to have no plan for getting in to the hut, other than getting there by about 5pm, dinner is at 6pm.  It would of course be great to coordinate a time to meet and hike in as a group, but it’s also fine to do your own thing, make your own time and meet up at the hut.  After dinner, we will have a Yarn Tasting…wine and beer are for sale at MH&T, fyi :)   For those of you unfamiliar with a Yarn Tasting, here’s the deal:  each person will get to choose mini skeins from a variety of yarns to sample.  It will be arranged that you will have enough yarn of mixed fibers to do a small project, or you may want to do your own creative thing, use them up in several different projects, make a yarn bomb for you home, etc.  And you may decide to just stash your yarn tasting samples, and just taste wine and beer!! :)

In the morning, we will just knit together, or crochet of course.  Breakfast is a 7am, and then we are free to do as we wish, knit for a while, bomb the hut or surrounding area with knitted beauties, sing songs…hahahaha…wouldn’t that just be fairytale style?  someone bring a guitar, or a kazoo…hahaha! After that, you may spend the day at the Hut, do some hiking on other trails, or just make your way out of the woods.  A bag lunch is available as well, but we would have to give them advanced notice on that I think.

So logistics…the date as I mentioned is October 20, 2012 which is a Saturday, and of course overnight, returning on Sunday, the 21st.  I need at least 10 ppl.  We can arrange a meet up time amongst ourselves once we have a group together.  The deadline to register for this is by Saturday, September 29th, and you can do this by sending me an e-mail or stopping in but I will need payment in order to reserve a spot.  The fee is $110.

I like this…knitted landscape, or organic knitting :)   I’ll scrounge up some patterns…