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June Gift Certificate Special

Hello All :)

June is here and as usual that means the Gift Certificate Special is back!  This special is only offered in June and on Black Friday so get it while you can :)

If you are not familiar with the special or have forgotten the details, here they are:

You may purchase a gift certificate or certificates valued at $125 for only $100!  You can have it all on one gift certificate and keep it for yourself so that you may enjoy yarn at a discounted rate at any point you wish to shop, OR you may break them up into however many you wish and give them as gifts and earn a “freebie” for yourself!

These never expire but unfortunately there is one little glitch, which really isn’t a glitch….it can not be used on future purchases of otherwise discounted products.  For instance, if we have a sale and all yarn is 25% off, you will not be able to use your already discounted gift certificate on further discounted products.  Unfortunately that would be kinda like double dipping and then it would only be good for one of us, and if we let things get all out of control like that it wouldn’t be good for any of us ;)   I hope this makes sense :/ Thanks :)

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather, getting your gardens together, soaking up sun and fresh air, loving each other and of course….knitting and crocheting and crafting your little creative fingers off :)   See you soon!

Yarn as sweet as Maine Maple Sugar

Hi!!  Starting tomorrow, in Celebration of Maine Maple Weekend, we will be offering all of our Maine sourced yarns on Sale at 15% off.  These yarns are either wools from sheep in Maine, dyed, packaged and marketed by a small Maine business, or milled in a new or old  Maine wool factory.  These include yarns from the following Maine business:  Bartlett Yarns, Good Karma, Highland Handmades, Jaggerspun, Romney Ridge, and Knit one, Crochet too.  This Sale will only run for the next 3 days (Thursday, March 24- Saturday, March 26) so move fast, unlike the sap boiling process, but with a similar sweet satisfying result :)

Oh yes we are having one more 2 week SALE :)

Hi All! This may be our last 2 week SALE and it’s a great one for spoiling yourself. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 8 – Saturday, March 19, all JUNIPER MOON yarn will be 15% off! We have a limited amount or 4 different lines. We carry Moonshine and Moonshine Chunky: 40% wool, 40% alpaca, and 20% silk content, in both worsted and chunky gauge, Herriot Great: a chunky skein of pure extrafine baby alpaca, and Tenzing: a DK ball of 85% merino, and 15% Yak (!). All are beautiful and squishy and delicious. Please, if you haven’t yet had a chance to check them out, stop in and see and feel and smell them. Enjoy the beautiful weather this week! See you soon :)


A Cascade of Savings ;)

Hi All :) Please take some time to enjoy the colors in this picture!  I love color.  I was never one to have a favorite color.  I loved the rainbow when I was a kid, still do!  I even had a pair of yellow pants with a rainbow embroidered right up one leg, across the zipper, and down the other leg. Unfortunately, I was too young and insecure to dare wear them in public, but I would put them on and think about it often. Hahaha!  This is what I love most about this wall in the store.  There are so many colors, and yet there are still more that we don’t carry.  If you’re ever in and would like to experience the aw of the Cascade 220 color card, please let us know.  It’s great fun ;)

So, I’m here to introduce the next SALE at Happyknits!  It will run Tuesday, 2/23 (tomorrow), through Saturday, 3/5.  I’ll give you one guess as to which yarns are on SALE this time. Yup. You guessed it! ALL CASCADE YARNS!! In case you are not familiar with what that includes, I will run through as many as I can think of.  Of course, the Cascade 220, and 220 Superwash, Superwash 128, 220 fingering and sport, (great for colorwork!) as well as the Superwash Sport.  The Cascade Heritage Sock and paints, and the 150 Heritage sock and paints are getting hit again, as they were also marked down during our first sale.  We have the Cascade Pacific, Jewel, Highland Duo, Eco Duo, Eco Wool, Cloud, Alpaca lace, and Baby Chunky Alpaca.  I think I have thought of all of them.

The point is…..you must stop in and take advantage of this SALE, there is bound to be something for you as we carry so many different types of Cascade Yarns.  As the previous sales have been, it is 15% off ALL Cascade Yarn!!

Just a friendly reminder….we cannot accept gift certificates that were purchased during our gift certificate Special as you have already received a discount on that, and that would be double dipping.  The same goes for punching your Buyer’s club card on those purchases.  Thank you for participating in both of those by the way.

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Spring like weather.  Please stop in and share with us any new projects you are working on….we love show and tell…..even though it gets me in trouble with my other projects as I often abandon them to pursue my newest inspiration! ugh ;)

Have a great day Everybody! Hope to see you soon!!


Noro SALE!!

Hi All :)

The sock yarn sale is over and was a huge success.  I just finished stocking the shelves with all kinds of new colors!!  I must say, I think we are the most stocked on sock yarn right now than we have ever been!! It goes fast.  Socks are the perfect project after all ;)

As promised….there is a new SALE  that began YESTERDAY!  (oops)  Until February 20th, ALL Noro yarns are 15% off!!  If you are not familiar with Noro, it is a self striping yarns that’s colors come together magically.  It is made by a Japanese artist, and in my opinion, no other self striping yarn really compares.  The color combinations come up so smoothly and beautifully, and it makes the simplest patterns so exciting to knit, as you anticipate which color comes next.  It’s especially fun to use two balls of the same or contrasting colorways, and alternate them.  There is amazing pattern support as it is one of the most popular yarns in the fiber world.

Swing in and see the different lines we carry, from DK weight, to worsted, to super bulky. The fiber content varies from all wool, including merino, to wool with silk, mohair, and some cotton.  I think Noro may be my favorite :)

Reminder: Store Hours T-F 10-6pm, Sat 9-3pm.  Knit Night- Wednesday 5-8pm




Superbowl kick off your socks SALE

Hi Everybody!  Maybe you already received Sarah’s quirky little email about our upcoming sock yarn SALE.  But just in case you are not into email and prefer the website…here it is!!

All Sock Yarn will be 15% of starting Tues, Jan 26, until Sat, Feb 6!!

MaryLou’s Sock class starts this week as well and we have one more space available for that class.  Of course, the yarn for this class is discounted as well.  Please call Tuesday before 3 if you would like to snatch up that last spot!



local shopping and saving…

Happy Monday Everybody! The snow was pretty this morning, and it sure did put me in the mood for knitting, but I am glad it was only a covering and that it did not stay, and that there is no more in the forecast quite yet.  I hope you all enjoyed it’s beauty as well.

So here we are, Thanksgiving week, and kicking off the Holiday season.  As you all are aware, it’s Black Friday (or Plaid Friday if you’re shopping small and local). As tradition goes, we will continue to have our Gift Certificate Special.  If you are not familiar, it goes like this:  If you spend $100 for a gift certificate, or gift certificates, you will be awarded a gift certificate(s) valued at $125.  Let me make this clear, we are not giving you a gift of $125.  If you pay us $100 for the Gift Certificate, we will write it out for $125.  And, you may split that into multiple gift certificates if you choose.  (Example:  buy 4 $25 gc, receive a 5th $25 gc, or 10 $10 gc, and receive the value of $25 on another or break that up as well)  Understand?  Call the store with questions if this is too confusing.  I always struggle with the wording of this, but believe me…..it’s a great deal!!

This offer is good for both Black/Plaid Friday, and Small Business Saturday!!!

So now….Small Business Saturday. Remember way back when Happyknits first opened, I started offering a small discount on your purchase at the store if you could provide a receipt saying you shopped at another small business in Skowhegan?  Every year I have offered it and a few of you have taken advantage of it.  Last year, Sarah took it a step further and arranged with other downtown businesses to reciprocate, and it was great….all warm and fuzzy.

This year, Main Street Skowhegan has jumped on board and amped it up even more!!  Here is the link for more info: http://mainstreetskowhegan.org/index.php/info/smallbusinesssaturday.

Basicallly, several business have agreed to offer some sort of savings for local shoppers.  At each participating business, if you make a purchase, you will receive, first a passport at the first location, and then a cute little sticker for your passport at every following business (I love stickers).  Then at the end of the day, when you are all done shopping, you turn your passport in at the last location, and you get entered in to a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card (donated by Bangor Savings) :)   It’s FUN, and important and supportive, and responsible and rewarding, and just plain great!! ;) ;)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.  I hope you all have a warm, and safe holiday week, with lots of love and peace and stuff.  Happy shopping, happy eating, happy crocheting, happy knitting, and happy anything else you are doing :)   Hope to see you all soon!!


warm hands, warm heart

Keep someone's hands warm this winter

Hello Everybody :) I hope you are all well, and happy, and warm, and knitting, or crocheting, or whatever else makes you feel content, and peaceful, and creative :) :) :)
Some of you may have received the email from Sarah about her mitten knit a long, but I wanted to add it to the website as well.
Sarah is hosting a knitalong every Thursday from 4-6pm at Happyknits.  This is FREE for all, but please be fairly comfortable with double pointed needles to join along.  She is available for help but will also need to be available for other customers at this time. She has designed and written a pattern which is also free and available at the store.  The idea for this came from the charity knitting we decided to do this holiday season and even on after the holidays.  We will be collecting donations of mittens, all sizes, and dispersing them amongst local schools, doctor’s offices, and at Spectrum Generations (a program for elderly).  If you would like to participate in this, please talk to us about receiving a 10% discount on your yarn for this project.  Ideally we would like to see you at the knitalong in order to receive the discount, but if the timing doesn’t work for you and you still want to knit mittens for donation, let us know.  We trust your honesty and trust that we will see you again with some beautiful handmade mittens to add to our “Mitten Tree”.
Of course you are more than welcome to knit with whatever yarn you choose from your stash as well.  You do not have to purchase yarn at Happyknits to participate in the knitalong. We would love to have you :)
I hope you, yourselves are all looking forward to the upcoming season….it is knitting/crocheting season after all :) And please, know that you are welcome and encouraged to come sit by our fire at any time during store hours and relax and work on any project you have going.  We love visitors!! Thank you so much for reading and following us here and on our other social media sites, and for being loyal, supportive, and straight up fantastic people.  Bring on the snow, eh? ;)

Friday Night Knitting w/ Vicki Twigg

Hey All :)

We hope you are all well and knitting or crocheting your sweet fingers to the bone ;) What beautiful Fall weather we’ve been having….even the rain.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the upcoming Winter is just as enjoyable.

Meanwhile…..at your Local Yarn Shop :)

Friday, November 6, 2015 we will host Vicki Twigg, ( http://vickitwigg.com/about/) .  Vicki is a Designer and Author or the book “Twigg Stitch”.  The twigg stitch was created by Vicki.  Twigg Stitch is a reversible, double sided knitting technique that produces a mirror image on both sides, in different colors, and double thickness.  Vicki will be here to teach her technique to you, and us!

This will a 3 hour workshop, running from 6-9pm here at Happyknits.  There is limited space, so we are asking for pre-registration, and payment, by October 31st, in order to hold your space and give us and idea of how many to expect.  The fee for this workshop is $35.

You will need to bring yarn of your choice, lighter than a worsted, heavier than lace, and needles to match the gauge. Of course if you would like to purchase supplies at Happyknits, and are registered for this workshop, we are offering 10% of all necessary supplies.

Visit Vicki’s website, (Vickitwigg.com),  or her Ravelry page,( http://www.ravelry.com/designers/vicki-twigg).  As always, email us or call the store, preferably, stop in, with questions or to register. :)

coming soon….

Hello All :)

Just wanted to let you all in on some of the fun stuff we have been working on….

Our BRAND NEW Website will be up and running very soon!  It will have a new look and be freshly updated and mobile friendly.  We will have a new Calendar, and pages(!).

We are very excited and are looking forward to feedback on it.  We are hoping to launch this in early September.  Please stay tuned and watch for this…Thank you :) Hope your Summer is going well.  Stop in and see us, and what’s in our clearance basket!